Spent Coffee Grounds: More Than Just Compost

After you’re done brewing a pot or cup of coffee, you just need to toss the grounds into the compost, right?



Not so fast!  While composting coffee grounds is a fabulous option, you  might be surprised at a few of the other things you can use them for.

Use your spent coffee grounds…




  • To deodorize your fridge.
  • Instead of dishing out your dollars to purchase baking soda, use your spent coffee grounds to absorb foul fridge odors.  Simply place the spent grounds in an open container in the fridge.
  • To scrub your pots & pants without scratches.
  •  Use spent coffee grounds, along with a sturdy sponge, to help scrub stuck-on food or grease without leaving nasty scratches.


  • As an odor-releasing hand wash.  After handling stinky foods like fish or onions, rub your hands with a mixture of coffee grounds & soap.  The smell will vanish upon rinsing.
  • As a dye.  We’ve all spilled coffee on our clothes at one time or another.  It stains!  Try steeping spent coffee grounds in hot water, straining, & using as a light brown dye for fabrics or even paper.