Saving Seeds – An Investment In Your Future

When it comes to seeds, saving them is always a great investment.



If you don’t have a reason to save seeds yet, maybe I can help you out!

Saving seeds promotes heirloom plants.

Instead of investing in seeds laced with pesticides or other questionable additives, why not promote an heirloom plant?



You can be responsible for helping to keep a plant alive for future generations too!

Seed saving saves cents. 

Now you try saying that three times fast!  All jokes aside, saving seeds will save you money.


You won’t have to buy seeds year in and year out.  Instead, you’ll make one initial seed investment and reap the benefits indefinitely!

Saving seeds is fun for everyone! 

When plants turn to seed, it can be a fun time for kids of all ages.



Young children are excited to save a seed, store it away, and have a chance to watch it grow again another year.


Older children can enjoy it as a science experiment and learning activity too.



And adults, like myself, enjoy seed saving as well.  Few things can satisfy a person like the ability to feed your family.

Saving seeds helps the community. 





Your plants become stronger and more pest/disease resistant when you plant saved seeds.

Without being soaked in chemicals to prevent disease or pest attacks, your plants will actually become stronger over time.  Instead of having to add more and more pesticides, your plants will become heartier and stronger, better able to fight off disease.

When you save your seeds each year, the plants you grow adapt to your environment.

Over time, your plants will become stronger and adapt better to the zone or climate you live in.  The heirloom seed you invest in today is not the same seed you will plant years to come; it will be better.  As the years pass, your plants will adjust to your area, adapting and growing better over the years.

Saving seeds creates food security.

When you save seeds each year, you are creating food security for yourself and your family.  Why let yourself rely on someone else to provide you with seeds to grow your own food when you can simply save seeds from the plants you are already growing, and plant in future years?

When you save seeds, you will have an invaluable gift to pass on to your children.

There are few better gifts I can think of to pass on to my children, and other future generations, than the gift of real food.  When saving seeds, you have something to pass on to future generations that is more valuable than anything physical I can think of; food.  It’s needed to survive, and also creates happiness and is the center of many communities and events.  Save seeds and pass on the gift of real food to our children.

But where should I buy my seeds?

I always suggest looking locally, but unfortunately, it’s not always an option.  For quality seeds (at a great price too!), I suggest giving the Seeds of the Month Club a go!  And what’s more fun than getting mail?  Getting gardening goodies in the mail!  And thanks to this awesome club, you have a chance to win a full year’s subscription for yourself!  Be sure to enter below, then tell a friend!