Reusing Rags Saves Cents

Cutting costs, even in the smallest areas, is an important part of our homesteading lifestyle.



Even the simplest things, like reusing rags or papertowels, can add up to a noticeable chunk of change over time.



But in what instance would you use a rag again?  And isn’t it gross?

Obviously, there are some situations in which you wouldn’t want to use a soiled rag to clean a mess.



None the less, you can still save money on laundering your rags and towels by using them another time or two before wash day.

In our house, we have a simple laundry line hung that my husband made for me using discarded bailing twine.



Whenever I clean the counter, the kitchen table, or even wipe a spill from the floor, I hang the rag on the line to dry.



Once dry, it goes into a rag basket, ready for reuse.



When there is a spill on the floor, a rag can quickly be grabbed for easy cleanup, without having to soil a fresh rag or towel.



And if you’ve got kids, I can almost guarantee that you encounter many a spill!

If you’ve got the time and a good organizational skills (or just a great memory), you can further separate your rags.



Towels that soaked up a spill on the counter can be used again on another surface before getting dried and tossed into the basket of rags for use on the floor.



Believe it or not, this frugal practice has been saving us a chunk of change!  Whether you wash at home or go to the laundromat, extending the time between washes will save you money over time.


And it also means you’ll be doing less laundry!

Do you use paper towels in addition to or instead of rags?  Don’t worry, you can still save cents!  Just dry the papertowels and use another time or two before tossing. Better yet, compost them when you’re done (as long as no chemicals have been used in the cleanup process).  Or, if you think you’re ready to make the switch from disposable to washable paper towels, head over to The 104 Homestead and follow their easy-peasy instructions for DIY Un-Paper Towels.