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Cleaning Smelt Fast & Easy – With Video Tutorial

Smelt are running in the UP where I live, and that means loads of free protein if you’re willing to put in the time and work.       Since our family is all about self-sufficiency, we jumped at the chance to put some food […]

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Successful Gardening In A Sun-Challenged Yard

Today, I’m excited to share a guest post with you by an online blogging colleague of mine, Mckenzie.  T     oday, she’s sharing some helpful gardening tips for those of you that have trouble growing things because you are inundated with shade in your […]

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Planning Our Garden & Moringa Giveaway {6/14}

While it seems like everyone else miles ahead of us with their gardening plans, we’re just getting things started at our place.     Pick the foods.  One of the first, and perhaps most obvious, things that we have done for our garden is plan it. […]

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LGD In Training: Welcome Our New Pup!

Here in the UP, we’ve got a lot of predators that could threaten the lives and safety of our livestock.     From cayotes to wolves, birds of prey to bears, and everything else in between – there is no shortage of potential attacks.   […]

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Meet Our American Guinea Hogs

You probably know that I love pigs.  There’s just something about them.     They’re smart, make great barnyard friends and they even taste great after their time on pasture is up.     Maybe that’s the reason I nominated them as my farm’s MVA […]