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Reusing Rags Saves Cents

Cutting costs, even in the smallest areas, is an important part of our homesteading lifestyle.     Even the simplest things, like reusing rags or papertowels, can add up to a noticeable chunk of change over time.     But in what instance would you […]

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Don’t Compost It… Not Yet!

When I mention keeping kitchen scraps out of the garbage, it might sound like a no-brainer.     Of course you don’t throw away kitchen scraps; you compost them!     But before you head out the the compost pile to add them to your […]

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Spent Coffee Grounds: More Than Just Compost

After you’re done brewing a pot or cup of coffee, you just need to toss the grounds into the compost, right?     Not so fast!  While composting coffee grounds is a fabulous option, you  might be surprised at a few of the other things […]

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Cleaning a Wild Mushroom: A How To

Mushrooms are a great food to forage for while out on a walk in the woods.     Regardless of the kind of ‘shroom you collect, cleaning is an important, but easy, process. Wild mushrooms can collect bacteria, dirt and even poo (yes, some mushrooms […]

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Bunchberries: A Fun Trail Nibble!

When I have the energy and stamina, one of my favorite things to do is go foraging with my husband and kids.     It’s a fun activity that we can all do together, and since we generally end up with free food in the […]

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Juneberry Pancakes – A Tasty Foraging Reward!

I love foraging for wild Juneberries.  But I love eating them even more.     Does that mean I’m hungry?   I came up with a tasty pancake recipe, spinning off from my buckwheat pancake bread recipe. What you’ll need… 2 c almond flour   2 […]

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Juneberries – A Fantastic Foraging Find & Picking Tips

Since our recent relocation to the UP, we’ve been making foraging a priority. And we don’t have to go far to get them; our driveway, along with most of our property, is lined with them. So, what’s a Juneberry?  It’s actually a tall shrub or tree […]

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Monotropa Uniflora: A Ghostly Encounter

Have you ever seen this perennial plant while foraging or taking a walk?         And when I found out it was more than just an interesting looking plant, I was even more excited! Monotropa uniflora, or ghost pipe as I like to […]