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Make Your Own Pork Lard

We started raising pigs on our farm a few years back and they quickly became my MVA (or most valuable farm animal), and we increased the number we raised.     With more pigs pigs come lots (and lots) of fat.  Since pork fat is something […]

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Rutabaga French Fries Recipe & Help With How to Peel & Cut

French fries are one of those snacks that can please anyone in a crowd, especially children.   But what if you don’t eat potatoes or you’re looking for a different recipe to switch things up?   Then my tasty, crowd pleasing rutabaga french fries recipe just […]

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Reusing Rags Saves Cents

Cutting costs, even in the smallest areas, is an important part of our homesteading lifestyle.     Even the simplest things, like reusing rags or papertowels, can add up to a noticeable chunk of change over time.     But in what instance would you […]

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Keeping Cut Peppers Crisp

Sliced peppers, in any color, make a sweet snack to take on the go, but they lose their crispness factor fast once they’re stuffed into a container or plastic baggy.     But wait – they don’t have to be soggy!     All you […]

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Don’t Compost It… Not Yet!

When I mention keeping kitchen scraps out of the garbage, it might sound like a no-brainer.     Of course you don’t throw away kitchen scraps; you compost them!     But before you head out the the compost pile to add them to your […]

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Spent Coffee Grounds: More Than Just Compost

After you’re done brewing a pot or cup of coffee, you just need to toss the grounds into the compost, right?     Not so fast!  While composting coffee grounds is a fabulous option, you  might be surprised at a few of the other things […]