Juneberry Pancakes – A Tasty Foraging Reward!

I love foraging for wild Juneberries.  But I love eating them even more.



Does that mean I’m hungry?


I came up with a tasty pancake recipe, spinning off from my buckwheat pancake bread recipe.
What you’ll need…

2 c almond flour


2 c buckwheat flour


1 tbsp. baking soda
1 tsp sea salt

2 c fresh Juneberries
1/2 c extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp. ground flax
1.5 c water kefir (Try our recipe for water kefir, if you’d like to make your own)
Additional liquid or water, if needed 

1. Make one flax egg.  You can use an egg if you don’t have flax, or one of these other egg substitutes, though I think flax adds something to it.
2. Mix buckwheat, almond flour, baking soda & sea salt.
3. Mash Juneberries (I use a fork or potato masher) & add to your mixing bowl.
4. Add olive oil & “flax egg” & mix.
5. Add your water kefir & stir/mix. If the batter is still too thick, slowly stir in additional water as needed. Sometimes the batter thickens as it sits (while I’m cooking the pancakes) & I have to add in more water.
6. Cook in olive oil on low heat. It’s about time to turn the pancake over when the uncooked side is filling up with little bubbles in the batter.
7. Enjoy!!!