Foraging for Wild Blueberries – Photos and Health Benefits

We love to forage for wild edibles.  It’s not only a great way to save money, but it’s a fun and productive activity for the entire family.


Delicious, wild blueberries!  YUM!!!

Wild blueberries are tasty and sweet!



Above you can see a group of wild blueberries we happened to find while foraging in a nearby state forest.



We were actually out for a leisurely drive and I spotted them from the truck.  And I’m so glad I did!

I could barely spit out the word blueberry before my boys were out of the truck and helping me eat them pick them to bring home.



Ok, I admit it – for every handful brought home, I had enjoyed a handful as a snack.

Can you tell my youngest was pleased to be snacking on these tiny balls of sugary sweetness?

So what’s so great about these tiny berries?

Other than being totally tasty, they pack quite a healthy punch into your diet. 


  • Are said to help improve motor skills according to The Journal of Neuroscience. 



  • Can help combat Alzheimer’s related symptoms.
  • Contain anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Can help improve memory function (something I need a lot of help with!) according to The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. 
  • Can help prevent cancer according to  The Journal of Nutrition.
  • Can help improve heart health according to The Journal of the American Heart Association. 
And that’s only a few things these tiny berries can do – there’s more benefits that I could possibly list! And don’t forget that you’re out getting a little exercise when you’re foraging for your own foods.
If being tasty and delicious isn’t enough of a reason to try your hand at foraging for wild blueberries, and health benefits don’t convince you, then give the money saving aspect a try.  A small container of fresh blueberries at my local grocery store costs me over five bucks!  And they last less than five minutes too!
Looking for a tasty way to cook up those berries?  Give this blueberry pancake recipe I wrote for Pantry Paratus a try!