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The Different Sizes of Farm Fresh Eggs

When thinking about chicken eggs, you might find yourself asking, “Why are farm fresh eggs different sizes?”  Eggs from the farm are not uniform in size the way you find eggs at your local grocery store.   Getting familiar with the size difference, along with […]

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Just What Are Hatching Eggs?

So what’s the deal with hatching eggs? What makes them different from the eggs we find in the cold section of grocery store isles? A lot less than you think, actually! What are hatching eggs? But before we talk about eating the eggs, let’s take […]

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Pig Husbandry in Extreme Cold Conditions

The extreme temperatures of the winter months can intimidate anyone considering adding pigs to their homestead. “Round Pig,” (affectionately named by my hubby) is the last of our hogs. Since she hasn’t made it to the freezer with the rest of her friends, it’s our […]

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Kids Can Contribute: Chores for Children

Running a household or homestead (or both) is hard work, and adding kids do the mix definitely doesn’t lighten the workload. Stop trying to do it all yourself and enlist the help of your “mini-me’s.” What are some chores that young children can do? Little […]

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An Eggsperiment In Color: Farm Fresh Vs. Store Bought Eggs

Our family has been royally spoiled by farm fresh eggs.  Actually, so have our neighbors and any friends that stop by the house.  Even with below-freezing temperatures, we still pull in dozens more eggs than we can possibly use in each day. All these eggs had me […]

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Krystyna’s Favorite Farm Animal

Not so long ago, I posted a challenge to readers.  I asked you to submit your questions to SML so we could answer them.         Which animal is the most valuable on your farm? Well Alix, that’s actually more difficult for me to answer […]

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Uses for Moringa Oleifera Seeds

Have you ever heard of Moringa Oleifera before?       Such a large number of seeds may sound like a lot, but once you realize how amazing these seeds really are, you just might think to yourself…     “Fifty seeds is not nearly enough!”  So, […]

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From the Farm and a Swarm of Honey Bees!

Happy Friday and welcome to another edition of our weekly From the Farm Blog Hop!     If you’re a blogger, you’ll have a chance to linkup some of your best farm, self-sufficiency, or DIY related posts. And readers – there’s something for you too! […]

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Saving Seeds – An Investment In Your Future

When it comes to seeds, saving them is always a great investment.     If you don’t have a reason to save seeds yet, maybe I can help you out! Saving seeds promotes heirloom plants. Instead of investing in seeds laced with pesticides or other […]