Cleaning a Wild Mushroom: A How To

Mushrooms are a great food to forage for while out on a walk in the woods.



Regardless of the kind of ‘shroom you collect, cleaning is an important, but easy, process.

Wild mushrooms can collect bacteria, dirt and even poo (yes, some mushrooms really enjoy growing in it!) that you want gone before adding to your meals.



To ensure you ditch the dirt, be sure to clean each mushroom well.

Instead of just giving a quick rinse with water…

  • Sort through your mushrooms and pick out any chunks of moss, twigs or dirt.
  • Using a wet rag, such as a flour sack towel, wipe each mushroom for dirt, etc.  Be sure to wipe under the cap.
  • Set cleaned mushrooms on a towel to air dry.
  • Cut the base of each mushroom’s stem & discard or compost.

That’s it!  Once they’re clean and dry, all that’s left to do is cook them up using your favorite recipe!

{Disclosure:  It is important to inspect and identify all mushrooms collected in the wild to ensure they are edible and not poisonous.  As a reader of Spring Mountain Living, you must be responsible for your own actions and decisions.  I take no responsibility for mushrooms identified incorrectly.  }