An Inside-the-Barn Animal Shelter (Sometimes You Just Need a Small Space)

We are fortunate to have a very spacious barn on our farm.  As fortunate as we are to have such a large housing for animals, we haven’t been lucky enough to find the time to clean it out and ensure that it’s safe for our animals to hang out in.  Solution?
Ready to find out how?



First you’ll need a barn or outbuilding of some sort.
After that, just find a door or entrance and a large, metal dog kennel like this one found on Amazon.
Once you’ve got the kennel, either take it apart or don’t put it together in the first place.
You’ll be needing the large, fence-like pieces to complete your inside-the-barn animal house.
Once you’ve found the entrance you want your animals to use, be sure to clean out the area your farm friends will be using to sleep and hang out in.
It’s important to clear debris like nails, broken glass or other potential hazards.
Assemble the cage according to the length and area you have.
In our barn, there was enough space to put the entire cage together, like a wall, and secure to ensure it doesn’t get knocked down or allow our dogs, goats and sheep to wander to areas that have not been prepared for them.
You can see, there is a spacious barn on the other side of this dog kennel.
Lots of things that need cleaned up or repaired.
We can still use the other side of the barn for storage, all while keeping the animals out.

Hubby used some tie-down straps to help secure some of the cage.  When pulled tight, they work well for multiple applications and help make a portable and non-permanent projects secure.

Now our animals can come in and out of the barn as they please and have shelter and shade ’round the clock.  You can create a similar setup using other items you have around the farm, though this cage has served many purposes for us and has been a very good investment.  It’s also a great portable, outside shelter when coupled with a heavy-duty, good quality tarp.