About Us

In the early days of UP Pastured Farms – back before we had a farm name or even thought we’d be running a business – this website was created.  We were just dangling our feet into the farming waters and my health issues were still so severe that I was primarily bedridden.  Sharing photos and stories on this website offered me a way to participate in the farm and feel like I was contributing in our family’s venture.  Fast forward some years down the road, and UP Pastured Farms was born.  To learn more about “our story” and more details about how our farm in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan came to be, I encourage you to check out this story at Real World Survivor.  The article shares the original fall 2015 print cover story, featuring our farm, in The New Pioneer Magazine!

Looking for an easy way to connect or interact with us?  Join us on Facebook at our customer group, UP Pastured Farms Customers.  You’ll be able to talk with us directly and even learn about new products and special pricing before anyone else!

Homegrown by Heroes Certification:

Did you know our farm and farm products are Homegrown by Heroes certified? Even if you do know, maybe you’re not 100% sure what that means. Let me explain a little!  First, let me start by telling you that both myself and my husband, Jeff, are military veterans.  We spent a good portion of our youth serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.  I spent my time on active duty serving in the Marine Corps, while my husband spent time serving in both the Marine Corps as well as the U.S. Coast Guard (during separate enlistments).

homegrown by heroes

Homegrown By Heroes (HBH) is the official farmer veteran branding program of America. The HBH logo serves to inform consumers that products donning the logo were produced by military veterans. The program is available to farmers, ranchers, fishermen, and value-added producers of all branches and eras of military service.

To following criteria are required to become HBH Certified:

  • Have veteran, active duty, National Guard, or Reserve member of the United States Armed Forces status, without regard to age or era of duty.
  • Veterans must provide a copy of their Department of Defense Form 214 or equivalent.
  • Characterization of service of Honorable or General (Under Honorable Conditions).
  • Active duty members must provide a letter of support from their commanding officer or designated representative attesting to their service under honorable conditions.
  • Businesses or operations that are certified by the label must maintain 50% or greater veteran ownership and 50% or greater veteran management control.
  • Products certified under the label must contain 50% or more non-water ingredients produced by HBH certified producers.

Certifications under Homegrown By Heroes are renewable annually pending a review of any changes to business ownership, and/or product makeup.

About UP Pastured Farms’ main writer:

Marine Corps Veteran, freelance writer and homeschooling mother of two active boys, Krystyna stays busy helping her husband (and best friend!), Jeff, with the daily demands of life on the farm.  With a family to nurture, food to grow and preserve and animals to raise, there is never a dull moment in her life. Krystyna is a city girl gone country and natural living enthusiast who is passionate about sharing her homesteading experience with others. She hopes to help readers climb the ladder of self-sufficiency and encourage others in their journey towards a greener (and healthier) lifestyle.

When she’s not schooling the kids or working on chores, you’ll most likely find Krystyna in the kitchen whipping up a tasty treat for her family.  Living with a hungry hubby and two growing boys creates a constant, yet fun, challenge to keep cravings satisfied without wandering away from healthy, whole and whole food options.

In addition to her green living addiction, Krystyna has a big heart for working animals.  After surviving brain surgery in 2009, she was matched with her service dog, Murphy.  Trained for stability and seizure detection, Murphy is an indispensable addition to Krystyna’s life.

Send Krystyna an e-mail directly at uppastured @ gmail.com (sans spaces).  If you are inquiring about a freelance writing opportunity, please make a note of it in the subject line of your e-mail.

From time to time we accept guest posts for our blog, including from our two children.  You can learn more about the Thomas kids and find their posts here.  Feel free to submit your ideas for an online article at the e-mail listed above.